White is soft and use black for outdoors - Guide to buy running shoes online.

Are you planning to lock down your weight? Running might be a good option to do. But before you buy your first pair of shoes online, there is something you need to know.

Before jumping straight away into the parameters to select your shoe, there is something you need to know about yourself that will help you get the best pair.

1. Your weight

2. Your feet - arched or flat?

3. Where you are planning to run - the type of surface

4. How frequently you are going to use your shoes.

Telling these things to the salesman can get you a good pair of shoes almost instantly, but that's not the topic here, let's discuss the things to remember when you buy your first pair of running shoes.

1. Grip

Skidding or slipping while running is a more usual situation when you choose shoes that don't have a grip to support the kind of surface you use them on. A good grip should allow you to change your speed sensitively without any jerks in the joints. It is advised to take a test run on the surface before buying one.

2. Fit and comfort

The sub-heading is a subjective topic and it is advised not to take advice from anyone. Make sure that there is always a gap of half to one inch between the front of the shoe and the biggest toe so that you have a wiggling space. That’s why it's suggested not to buy a perfectly fit running shoe as you need a wiggle space while you run.

3. Cushion, soft may not be better all the time

Keeping an eye on the insole cushion is very important as a wrong selection can cost you lower back issues. The shocks experienced during running must be transmitted in a way your muscles can take in. At the same time, a super-soft insole doesn’t mean comfort all the time. You will get a better understanding when you get a test run of shoes with different cushions and you will become an expert yourself in choosing your pair.

4. Color says the story

There are two major variations when it comes to the color of the sole - black which is made from a carbon-based material, hard and durable suitable for road and outdoors; white-blown rubber-based material being soft and agile suitable for use in treadmills or padded track. Selection based on usage can make your shoes reliable and long-lasting.

5. Weight

The weight mentioned here refers to both you and your shoes. Lighter shoes always offer a better stride. How frequently you use your shoes and how faster you run affects your sole selection. For example, the faster you run, the lighter your shoes should be, at the same time don’t compromise the durability.

6. Never buy a new pair online

Comfort is a subjective topic and assessing one without trying in hand is a sin. The best practice is to test a pair once or twice before you order online. You can jump to the nearby store and try a light-weight thin sole and thick sturdier sole, the process will help you to choose the best fit for yourself.

Happy Shopping!

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Balaji Vannikumar

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