4th Gear, 80 kilometers an hour & Nallai Allai.

What does it take for you to escape from this world!?

Who decides what you feel – your brain or your heart? If it’s both, whom should you listen to?

Do you have control? Do you need control?

Is being an emotional person good or bad? Does it make you weak?

When you don’t feel a thing? Does that make you cold?

Emotions are complicated they said, I’d say they are a freight risk. Carrying them around with you is to possess a ticking bomb. But also, emotions and feelings make you human, apparently. Everything that is happening around you makes you react, emote, and feel things. These help you decide your next step, next move, next word, next action everything. But do we know if we are reacting right, feeling the right emotions – emotions that we are “supposed to feel”. If any one of you know the answer to that, please let me know. Till then its damage limitation.

At one point you are filled with emotions that you express it abundantly. You are happy, it seems like whatever you feel is the ultimatum. Feels like you, your heart and your brain all want the same thing. To you it feels great, perfect, and right. At that point you own what you feel, you want to feel more of what you feel because that makes you complete. But there is a catch! All what you feel accounts for how people around you accept your emotions and feelings. You might think that you are very good at expressing your emotions around but let’s accept it you are not always right. Also, it is what you feel and we don’t know the heart and the brain are the good guys here.

So, what happens now, you are out there with your brain and heart in your hand hoping that the freight risk is just giving you a scare. What happened to all the feelings that were overflowing your happy contended soul is no longer accepted, no longer acknowledged. What do you do with all those things that you have in your hand? Where do you put it? Why does it feel like you will not be feeling all that you felt for a very very long time?

Well, you feel it because it is true. At that point you don’t feel like there is nothing else you can do. Nothing feels right. You have two options in your hands right now, let all those emotions go or to put it out all in the open. If you do the latter, you might feel lighter, better, move on from one setback and hoping it would be the last. Perhaps, you will learn a thing or two on how to deal with your emotions better. But then there are high chances that they will do no good, chances that it will go unnoticed. You can go right where you started probably a tad bit careful this time and that’s it.

If you take the former path, the path of letting go, it has its merits and demerits. Also, this, the path I know of the something.

The pain you feel at this juncture is real, the pain traps you in a box. Helpless! Hurt! Pain! Lost! You want to believe that all those thoughts and emotions never existed, you feel like you betrayed yourself. So, you conclude that to feel is the problem and you decide take care of the problem. The answer to all your problem is to control what you feel. The concept is to feel minimal, accept whatever you feel and keep it in check. Make sure you fully understand what you feel and you have some ground rules on what all you are allowed to feel and whether to express it or not. The spectrum of your feelings are not wider anymore. You keep your distance from all the emotions cause of course you are afraid of it don’t wanna be hurt.

Keeping your tabs on what you feel and whether you express it or not does not mean that you are deprived of feelings or emotions. You don’t have to beat yourself up for having control over your emotions. In fact, you are helping yourselves, because with this control you can deal with it better. In a way that does not make you feel helpless. You don’t have to stop feeling things, feel all you want but feel it from a distance. Because when you get too close to what you feel it takes control over you and make you do crazy things. It helps you how to react to situations, doesn’t cloud your judgement, holds you stable, holds you responsible for whatever decisions you take.

Feelings and emotions are such a beautiful thing. Makes you human, gives you purpose. It is the reason for almost everything you do in your life – every decision, every relationship, every trip, every game, every ride, every meal. And yet there is something within you that wants to distance yourself from it. This distance that you feel from the world of emotions is being untethered. Watch it from a distance and understand the power of it. Know when to hold and when to let go.

Untethered don’t mean broken!

Untethered don’t mean cold!

As hard as it can be to feel pain,

It is harder to feel nothing!

-Arun Sundar

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