Two Powerful Elements within oneself in determining success or failure

Life is always full of surprise. We work diligently preparing for a particular task, but might be forced to change at the last minute due to few elements which are never in our control. It is during that time; we may be puzzled about how things would turn out. The probability for the event to be successful will be on par with the probability for the event to fail. While few elements could determine the fate of the events, there exist two powerful forces within ourselves which could turn the tide on either side.

While the former could turn the tide towards victory, the latter could burn down everything to ashes. The irony lies in the fact that these two forces are been created and executed by ourselves. Okay, let me break the ice. Those two are nothing but Will Power and Fear. Sounds simple, isn't it? But these two emotions possess tremendous power. Even if things start falling out of our favor, one's willpower would make the person to be more resilient and even more tenacious to achieve the goal/mission. That willpower will help the person to gather all the strength he/she needs to reach the target. It helps to harness and unleash the hidden power within us to meet our needs.

And this four-letter word "F-E-A-R" is so powerful in creating a negative impact. It could even bring a hypothetical nightmare alive despite the theoretical probability for the event is null. You could be on the verge of achieving the goal. But this fear element, once let in, will just ravage all the positive changes and turn down everything to ashes.

Believe it or not, emotions have the potential to create an impact in, either way, i.e., both positive and negative. So, it is highly essential for oneself to have control over one's emotions to turn things in their favor. Mastering the art of controlling emotions takes time. But there goes a saying, "The journey for thousand miles begins with a single step". Let us start learning it steadily and consistently.

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Hayagrivan Balaji

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