The Impact of COVID 19 on the IT sector: Things to expect in the near future !

Three months ago the world was busy as usual chasing this year’s targets and forecasts. Who would have even given a thought that a pandemic would come and halt the world? We are witnessing a humongous battle of humanity against COVID 19. In this battle we have lost many warriors all over the globe. We are witnessing many new precautions and rules to be safe, all this suggests we are about to enter a new world post this pandemic.

This pandemic has disrupted many businesses all around the world and the Information Technology (IT) sector is not an exception. There are a lot of changes going over and yet to come in this critical sector. With all these unpredictable factors going on let us take a look at what might happen in the IT sector.

Work from Home might become a norm for many:

This pandemic has forced many IT companies to abandon their office work culture and adapt to work from home culture. Many organizations have hinted that this culture might go on for a year or so.

One of the leading IT service providers TCS has announced that it is working on moving about 75% of its workforce to the WFH model by 2025. This move might be welcomed by other counterparts too.

Software and Cybersecurity on the rise:

With many adopting the Work from Home model the market for specialized software used for connectivity such as Zoom etc. which is used for online meetings will rise. Also the need for advanced cloud infrastructure services will increase multifold.

Another field that is garnering more demand right now is Cybersecurity. As organizations embrace remote workplaces, the need for security becomes more critical than ever. The companies will be raising their expenditure on cybersecurity to guard against cybercrimes.

Automation and 5G deployment process will speed up:

As the remote workplaces come into existence the process that can be automated will increase. This is where the IT services providers might garner many new clients. Organizations might partner with IT service providers in setting up flexible and secure networks, disaster recovery systems, IT security, and so on.

This situation also paves the way for the faster adoption of 5G connectivity as it ensures faster connectivity and data transfer. This in turn opens up a huge market of 5G connectivity and equipment in the developed regions.

Employment opportunities in or out?

This might be the question that is pestering many right now. Many reports claim that unemployment seems to rise everywhere. The US is witnessing the worst unemployment rates since the 1933 depression. A report suggests there might be 1.5 lakh job cuts in India in the upcoming months.

Arrived on a conclusion ?, wait, there's more to the story. Despite the above unfavorable trends there are certain positives. As mentioned earlier, many fields like cybersecurity are on rise. Many IT companies like TCS, HCL, Infosys, Tech Mahindra are getting more new orders from the US, and so on. These are long term projects that instill positive vibes on the sector. Cognizant has announced that it will be onboarding about 20,000 people in the field of digital skills.

What to do now?

This question might be the one pestering in many minds across the world. Every beginning has an end. Likewise this pandemic will also come to an end as humanity has trumped across many such resistances throughout history.

Be positive and nurture this time to upskill yourself in the fields that are in demand right now such as IT automation, Cybersecurity, etc. Stay home, stay safe, and stay positive and prepare yourself for the new dawn. Do checkout our video on this content here.

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Kathir Gowtham R.S

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