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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

It was exactly in 2018 during my 3rd year of Bachelor, I saw the term Multitasking in the strength section of my friend’s resume. In fact, it motivated me to believe that multitasking is a skill to be mastered. Putting my motivation into action, over a period of time, I find no significant improvements in my productivity, in fact, I even started losing my potential. After diving much more into it, I realized that Multitasking might not even really exist. Yes, you read it right!

Hey, Before jumping in. This is Mechon27 ( Made-up name ), a common human with a monkey brain interested in diving in different areas, exploring & experimenting. What I meant by the last statement is that you will find me under different categories in the future. And an important disclaimer, I am new to writing so please drop your feedback in the comments, so that I can improvise.

And Coming back, yes you read it right. Most Humans are not capable of Multitasking and whatever we do to try to convince ourselves is task switching, which makes productivity even worse. There are already a lot of articles for it and I don't like to add to the crowd, rather I will put a list of tasks that will make you realize how super productive you can be. Making a checklist out of it is appreciated.


The first important thing is “Patience” and it is in huge demand. Why am I mentioning here is that most people would have gone out of this article by now and they don't have enough patience to complete their work or even plan for it. They just wanted to get the job done as soon as they got it to their hands, which caused their brain to pump an immediate steroid of satisfaction. Believe me, in the long run it may not help you achieve the dream productivity you wanted. Hey, don't forget to give yourself a cheer if you're still here.


Always remember you don’t want to jump into the work immediately once you get started. Give enough time to get prepared for the day. Take around 20 minutes to list down all the things you have for the day. Next, you need to categorize similar kinds of work. For example today I planned to write this article, so I am breaking it into small tasks like 1. content research, 2. Article flow plan 3. Title and subheadings 4. Writing 5. Image research 6. Proofread 7. Content submission. Your’s can be different from this. Why categorizing and planning is really important is that It takes about 23 minutes for our brain to get focused on a single job and once activated it can stay activated for 25 minutes. Please don't forget we came from monkeys.

Putting it into Action

I realize the article is getting Big, so I put it simply,

"Plan the Work, Work the plan"

Nothing other than that. No texts, no emails, nothing else ( I mean schedule time slots to check emails & calls), If it is so important or an emergency people will call you, remember we take 23 minutes to get back to a focused state once distracted. Take a short 5 minutes break in between your single task and do what you love to do ( I use this time to check my Phone’s notifications ), being not productive in that 5 minutes. It will help you to stay motivated while you are trying to be productive as you know you have a time scheduled to do what you like to do.

You may ask what if we got an important priority in between your schedule. It is simple, take your own time to prioritize and reschedule. Stay focused on only one thing at a time.

You need to do this all day to realize your full potential, you may take the weekly off if you like but remember the words “All Day

Come on take the challenge, drop a comment “Challenge accepted” come back after a week and say how productive you were. If you hesitate to drop a comment your brain should be generating reasons that you can do it yourself. It is the same brain that is impatient, procrastinate, and doesn't encourage quality in work, ending up in dis-satisfaction.

Drop the Comment, take a note and start scheduling and come back after a week to drop your feedback.

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