She’s not “just” a housewife!

As young girls, many are taught that they only needed 3 things in life to be happy. First, she needed a husband. She needed his love and she needed him to take care of her. She also needed to make him happy so that he would never leave her. Second, she needed a family. She was told having a family would be the greatest joy she’d ever experience and would keep her satisfied for the rest of her life. Third, she needed a beautiful home that other people envied.

Well...she grew up. She experienced all these things but yet, she is more unhappy now than she has ever been. Her home feels less like a home, and more like a prison because she’s bound to it. She’s bound to that home, simply because she’s a woman and this is what women do, right?

Because “her” gender defines her and confines her to this lifestyle. After all, this is what her mother and her mother’s mother did, and they seemed content. She doesn’t even know who she is!

Ask her what she does, she’ll tell you “nothing, I’m just a housewife”.

Ask her about herself, and she’ll tell you about her family, because she is not her own person. She belongs to the stigma that her gender should define who she is and put boundaries on her capabilities. That she is limited to certain tasks and she cannot be anything more than she is expected to be. She creates this illusion that she’s satisfied even when she isn’t. She’s disappointed and wonders if this is it. Is this really what she was made for? Her life is like clockwork. Every day she goes through the routines over and over, silently praying for the day when she’d be free to be whoever she wished to be. But for now, she’s nothing. She’s only a housewife.

When a girls marries a guy,

She leaves behind her family

She enters a new world

She is wanted to choose between the professional or housewife role

If she chooses the latter,

Endless household tasks await her

As she wakes up early in the morning

When others are still snoring;

She toils hard in the kitchen to cook hot meals,

Brings home veggies and groceries,

Feeds her children, tends to the elderly’s needs,

Cleans the house,

Does the dishes and the laundry,

Takes care of the ill,

Helps kids with their studies;

So busy is her life,

A moment of rest is unaffordable to her;

And she is called “just” a house wife!

To add insult to injury, people look at her to announce, “You do nothing. You are just a housewife. You must be free most of the time and enjoying life!?”

Imagine a home without such a woman, you will go crazy! She makes your house a home!

Being a housewife is a full-time responsibility. It is a link that connects the whole house. Without her the whole house will turn messy. She’s not just a housewife; she’s a mother, a daughter-in-law and most importantly, a daughter who gave up on her dreams to settle your paradise.

Encourage her, appreciate her and give her the respect she deserves.

Article by

Sandipa A

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