It was around 6:00 pm on a Monday evening when I got down from the bus from work and walked to my friend’s place to pick up my bike. I was about to turn into the street where his house is when my phone buzzed, it flashed a text message saying that I have exhausted 50% of my data for the day. I swiped off the notification, took my bike and went home.

The next day as usual I went for work and came back around the same time and right when I was about to turn into the same street, my phone buzzed and same notification as the day before appeared on the screen. Now that caught my attention, it was the same exact geographical location and time between two days that this happened.

The next day I was ready, I was expecting the message and yes it did appear on my screen, at the same location and time. That’s when I realized, there was a glitch in the matrix and that whole of my life was just like the series ‘Dark’. Cha! It was one complicated series that at the end told that the entire 3 seasons was a waste and I should have straight up watched the finale.

Okay, so what I was getting at is the concept called ROUTINE. How many of you just when you read the word gave a sigh and told yourself “Its not my thing! I like my life spontaneous! And label it boring”. To all you adventurous souls hope you one day wake up and climb Mount Everest. But just hear what I have to say. In fact, I have typed this article out of my routine so you’ve I am adventurous too y’all!

Often the power of routine is underestimated. Having a consistent routine gives you the power to control the chaos and destiny in your life. By routine I don’t mean that you have to setup a calendar, put a time to every single thing you do and 100% stick to it. That is planning and I am not here to ask you to make a “Things To Do List” everyday and stick it on your wall.

Take two or three “same old things to do” something that defines you, makes you feel comfortable doing. Do those things every day and almost at the same time. It can be anything, going for a walk, hitting the gym, making a call to that one person, reading a book, eating at the same time anything etc. It can be your ME Time.

It can be the first thing, last thing you do in a day or right in the middle of the day. But make sure you do it consistently and well. Whichever activity you choose make it part of you and your life. It need not be productive, it need not add value to your life, nothing it just needs to be an appointment on your calendar (Microsoft Teams and work life making me say such things!). When that one thing in your day is constant, all the other things align themselves.

The routine tasks act as checkpoints and steer your entire day of activities smoothly without even you recognizing it. Things fall into place involuntarily minimizing the chaos and energy spent. The routine when followed consistently becomes a habit and gets embedded in your life. With everything aligning with your habit you have a chance to be spontaneous. Anything that adds spice to your life out of nowhere, you need not think of a new plan to make it work ‘cause your routine helps you adjust yourself to that newcomer.

Your life becomes smooth, you will be able to get through your crests and troughs with ease and with a plan. There is nothing that can rattle your flow, even if you have taken a day off or so you get back on track before you know it. Of course, there are uncertainties in life, but a routine helps you deal with the uncertainty before it makes your life haphazard.

Start consciously, do it consistently and with time it becomes spontaneous. The starting is tough I agree but it becomes easier when you are committed to it and when it becomes a habit it makes you who you are and nobody can take it away from you. It helps you stay focused and can also take your mind off some things that you are done wanting to spend your energy on (IYKYK).

Again, your routine need not be everything you do in a day. Just a thing or two would suffice. It is not as boring as it sounds, give it a try.


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Arun Sundar

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