Reading loud or Silent, which wins to remember long?

I never thought my mum would be so intelligent when she used to say "சத்தமா படி அப்பதான் மண்டையில நிற்கும்" which eventually means read aloud to print on your brain. Which is against my belief as I was a silent learner. Almost after a decade, my friend and I took on a challenge to prove to my mum that she is wrong, which actively went wrong to light a fire on our backs.

This article is to summarize the results of our experiment. And to give you reading hacks to ace any kind of situation. Of course, backed by science.

Video fans are being diverted here ( audio in Tamil ) :

And the challenge is here. There are 2 rounds and We got 25 random words for each round for which the helped us.

Round 1 will be in silent mode, followed by a round in mom's mode ( reading aloud ). Two minutes to memorize for each round.

And the results are below.

Which is surprisingly confusing and irrelevant.


The main motto of the experiment is to find which method can make you remember for a very looooonnnngggg time.. really long!

That's why I had a Round 3 waiting for my friend surprisingly after successfully distracting him from the thoughts of rounds 1 & 2 for about 2 hours.

Round 3 is simple, just say the words you remember from round 1 and round 2.

And here I and my friend managed to remember 9 and 5 words respectively from round 2, which we memorized aloud.

And we both shared the trophy for remembering nothing from round 1.

Which means my mom was right all the time.

If you're either shocked or not, it is really a good time to appreciate the brain's activity in both situations.

Reading aloud and silence are both different kinds of activities.

While reading aloud you See the words, Read them, Hear and understand. While reading silently you see and jump to understanding skipping step two (reading).

You will read only important things like reading a document before signing it or something your brain needs to understand deeply. So your brain behaves actively while reading.

And behave passively while you are seeing or listening to something. That's why you can remember things that you read aloud for a long time, as your brain was active during the time.

There is another factor you need to consider before you come to a conclusion, which is your reading speed. You can read faster when you are silent and slower while you are aloud. Which makes it hard to choose one method to be right all the time.

I can put it this way for you to be efficient, if you want to deliver the things you have learned like stage speech or preparing for an exam, you can read aloud. Else read silently to learn something new or gather knowledge. Or you can use my secret method of framing irrelevant stories with un-related words, which is of course more effective than both!

Thanks to Santhosh Ram for helping me out to make the experiment and Video success and Thanks to you for reading this article completely.

Experimented by

Balaji Vannikumar

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