One extreme sport!

“Adulting is hard.”

How many times have you read that on your social media feed? Opinions on adulting are

everywhere, from rib-tickling memes to sour tweets.

Have you ever caught yourself sick and tired, having it up to here and asking yourself, “What the f!*$?” with a plethora of questions –

How did I get here?

Am I supposed to know what to do? when to do? and how to do?

Who termed me an adult?

Am I too old to seek support from someone?

Should I have figured out how life functions by now?

What if I don’t want to do all of these?

Ever felt like slipping by days acting like a duck – maintaining tranquillity on the outside yet paddling like hell on the inside?

Chill! All this is a consequence of the anxiety we get to suffer when we come across fingers pointing at us for not being what we ought (according to them) to be.

Different people define different things differently. Yet, the society thrusts this invisible coercion whereby we are pushed to believe that we gotta fit perfectly into each of these definitions. The same happens with “adulting” too!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, adulting is defined as,


/ˈadʌltɪŋ, əˈdʌltɪŋ/


the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.

Some define being an adult as abandoning the innocence and letting go of the playful soul that one possesses in childhood to pave the way towards becoming a “mature” sensible person.

Who else thinks adulting should be described as saying “Yeah! Sure!” first and then desperately googling whatever it was next?

I sometimes ponder over the multiple thoughts and ideologies that I come across on being an adult and finally bring myself to the conclusion that being an adult means you are willing to take responsibility for your own life, that you are willing to work for the things that you want and that you “behave” in a matured manner so as to not make things more grinding, uninviting or miserable for others. But many a times I bet to differ with this common belief. I feel it is better to have the heart of a child no matter how much ever old we grow in age. We see a lot of “mature” adults who are stuck in this labyrinth called life trying to fit themselves in the common beliefs the society has created and ruining the happiness of small things.

YES! Maturity does ruin life in a way.

When we were kids, upon hearing the sound of rain, we would run to the garden with colourful paper boats, set them sail and enjoy the day with our friends. The moment we stopped racing paper boats, we got stuck in the popular “rat race”, and later we realise we have lost the child that was within us. We realise adulting is stressful. We realise adulting sucks. We search for a vent to let out these mixed emotions. We become slaves of the mundane so called perfect adult life. Even though the child within us stays with us forever, it gets suppressed amidst the chaos. And this ruins the ability to enjoy the little things in life.

Thinking deep on these lines and going down my memory lane,

Some random date in 2012.

Mumma picks me up from school.

She takes me to my favourite place;

And buys my favourite food.

As I devour it, I look outside the window,

Having no clue what adulting is like.

Life was good then!


Couple of years into adulting!

It’s possible, who knew?

I look the same as yesterday!

Dentist trips still freak me out;

My blanket covers both my legs

So monsters don’t grab my feet;

Sometimes I burst out crying

For no reason at all;

I don’t go out on the weekends;

I believe,

There is no such thing as adulting

Biological age cannot be an indicator

You can look like 50, but still behave like a toddler

Age, wisdom, understanding and memory don’t matter

Clarity of thought and clarity in action is what everyone wants

Stages of life are only by-products of imagination

Coming to terms

With the things you don’t like

is part of living a grown up life.


Grow up

Become an adult

Yet, retain that child within you

Life will be good always!


Sandipa A

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