How to cling on to happiness when the world is in chaos?

Are you happy? It’s not an easy question to answer.

At a certain point in life we all feel lost, scared and confused; chaotic and endless thoughts circulate just the way an electron does, often, leaving behind a canvas of dystopian colours. Currently, we are all stuck in endless waves of viruses and the whole world is self-isolating and social distancing, with ceaseless troubles, uncertainties and disruptions in our daily lives.

Is life easy in such a state?

Obviously NO! But, even though life maybe complicated or overrated or alluring or painful, in the end, we’ll be there, where we should be and where we belong. It just takes time. All that we have to do is to simply believe in the process.

With all the negativity and pessimism that surrounds us, it is even more important that we whip up streams of positivity to keep us going. Positive emotions don’t just make us feel good, they also help in broadening our horizons and to build our social, physical and intellectual skills.

Psychological research has revealed that in order to experience bursts of positive emotion, the key is a happy life. Happy moments and elevations – no matter what their source is – lead us to be more hospitable and appealing, more dynamic and energetic, more bubbly and resourceful, more healthy and pliable, and more accommodating, affable and artistic.

But how do we do it?

It could be as simple, yet very powerful, as practicing gratitude. Gratitude is considered to be one of the best antidotes to negative emotions. Express your gratitude towards anyone or anything. It could even be towards the corona virus for the awakening call to humanity that was lost in the midst of our daily lives and for exposing our weakness and vulnerability as humans to the power of invisibility.

Do acts of kindness – big or small. It could start from a simple appreciation to doing something as big as supporting those in need. Support need not just be financial. The need of the hour is emotional support. A two minute call with a long lost friend would definitely make a difference. Kindness is free. So, sprinkle that stuff everywhere.

Your body always listens and acts according to what your mind says. When it says you are happy, you really feel happy. So stay optimistic. Whenever you are in a fix and you feel like there is no one to encourage you, just remember this – “Push yourself because no one is going to do that for you.”

Celebrate your success – no matter how small. The more we celebrate life, the more life has in store to offer for us to celebrate. Celebrations do not necessarily mean throwing a party and enjoying with a bunch of people. It could be anything as small as a two minute dance with loud music in your room. Trust me, you could be a pathetic dancer as I am, but give it a try. The level of happiness it leaves behind is beyond words, especially in these trying times.

There are endless ways by which one can bring happiness into their lives.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens,

but often we look so long at the closed door

that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”

Helen Keller

Search out for that new door in your life!

Find it!

Enjoy every moment in life!

Better times are on the way!

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Sandipa A

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