First TWS Ride with Nothing Ear(1)

Hi, homies! Wassup? Hope y’all doing well. So, In this article, I am going to share my experience with the brand new Nothing Ear(1) TWS earphones. I’m not covering the specs, about the company, price, etc., You’ll find about it from other tech blogs and channels. I’m here just to share my experience with it, the pros, features which I find useful, the drawbacks and, many more. So let’s just dive in, ey?

1) Com Com Comfy!!!

I seldom use earphones/headphones, and this is my first time with a TWS earphone. Initially, I found it somewhat not that comfy, as praised by the reviewers. But eventually, after a couple of days of usage, I found it well comfortable. It hardly gave me any pain, neither any sensation of wanting to take it off intermittently nor any sweating. It stays in firmly, at the same time, its presence is not much noticed.

2) Slide with Volume

The volume can be tweaked by sliding on the outer face of the stem. It works great. Personally, I think it’s a great feature. Although there is a short learning curve to it, eventually you’ll find it very useful. Sliding will not cause the phone’s media volume to change (for most applications), but the earphone’s inbuilt volume. So you have more headroom even after maxing out the phone’s media volume, which is great. There is plenty of sound. So no worries.

The only bug I noticed was when you perform the final slide to max out the TWS volume, the balance between the left and the right earpiece goes a bit off. The left earpiece will sound less than the right. This can be undone by taking out either one earpiece off your ear and then sticking it in again. Now it works fine. But you have to do this process every time you want the balance right. I hope this issue will get resolved by future software and firmware upgrades.

3) In-ear detection delay

When you pull out an earpiece, the media playing on the device connected pauses. But the lead time is more. The process is not that quick. I’m not asking it to be lightning-fast, but still, the time taken for the media to pause after the earpiece is taken off is a bit much.

4) Good ANC

I have never used an Active Noise Cancelling earphone/headphone before. Experiencing this feature for the first time is overwhelming. When the noise cancellation is at its max, It cuts out almost (say 80%) any basic in-room noise, such as fan and HVAC hissing, doors creaking, light thuds and, more. You may find it useful while meditating. You can use it just to filter out some noise and not hear any music. You’ll find it somewhat peaceful😉.

5) mmm….I was not expecting this….good🔊!!

So, coming to the elephant in the room, the SOUND quality. By the influence of the reviews, I had a perception that TWS earphones in this price segment would sound just average. But the truth is, It is not so. Personally, with just the in-app ‘more bass’ equalizer preset, the bass was decent. Since, the app does not allow to have any custom equalizer presets, I turned on my custom equalizer in my music streaming app. Now it sounded as bassy as I always liked and wanted. So, till the company rolls out an update, you can use your own equalizer on your device and make it sound as you wish.

On the whole, this piece of tech is a good buy. The sound quality is good. The features are great and the unique, partially transparent design of the case and the earpiece is sexy. So what are you waiting for? Go grab one and bounce.

Till next time, Cheers✌

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Santhosh Ram R

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