EdiblePro- Ready to eat your cutlery along with your food ?

In today’s world, we could hardly find a busy street without an eatery or a small cafe. Hotels and cafes got intertwined with our lifestyle. They have become a social gathering place that helps people to build a lot of memories. And these eateries are trying their level best to make sure that they don’t get exonerated from the hearts of the people by fusing innovation in both dishes they prepare and on the process being used to make it. Despite the increase in technology, we forget to give importance to the profound effects happening on the environment as a result of these prominent inventions. One such thing is the usage of plastic as cutlery and as a container for delivering the food. Food grade plastic has made work easy for the roadside eateries to carry out their business yet the trail of ill effects left by these non-degradable disposable plastics is humongous.

Though the government has implemented the ban of single-use plastic, it just paved the path for illegal trade of plastics. The ban led only to the official closure of these manufacturing units. Hotels and other eateries are switching to eco-friendly methods but at the cost of the increase in price, they offer to the customers. Some way or the other these plastic utilities find a place as micro vendors are unable to bear the cost in switching over to eco-friendly initiatives. As a result, plastic in the food industry remains of huge concern. Instead of letting it pile up, how great it be if the cutlery could be consumed along with the food they eat!!! Yes, this has been made into a reality by two women from Bengaluru.

Lakshmi Bheemachar along with her ex-IBM colleague Shaila Gurudutt started their venture with a motive of doing something environmentally friendly. With the help of the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), the duo launched their flagship products under their Gajamukha Foods company. Labeled as EdiblePro, this has been made completely from grains, pulses, millet, and spices. And it doesn’t stop here. To give a particular flavor for the cutlery, desired extracts of the plant origin have been added. So, this gives a unique taste when we eat the cutlery. All these have been done without adding any food preservatives for preparing their dough. And the astonishing factor is that EdiblePro cutlery can withstand for hours when extremely hot food is served.

These cutleries have a shell life for one year so there would be no worries in storing these cutleries for a longer time. Unlike other plastic cutlery which is washed and re-used, this cutlery can either be eaten as such or can be discarded to the environment as they get decomposed within a week. Any type of food can be served using EdiblePro cutlery. And the nutritious value possessed by these spoons/bowls etc… sometimes could be higher than that of food we consume. And just because the technology incorporated behind this cutlery is one of its kind, doesn’t mean its costlier. When compared with other plastic cutlery of its kind, its price is slightly just above those of its plastic competitors. The point to be noted here is that the slightly higher margin exists despite being labor-intensive. All these cutlery items are molded by hand with no automated process.

When this company starts manufacturing its products in bulk quantity with the help of automated technology, definitely they would be able to sell the products with a price on par with plastic cutlery. Though these cutlery doesn't possess reusability, it poses as a rival for the one time use crockery. Many Hotels and food cafes have started using their products and found an over-whelming welcome from the customers. Tasting their initial success, the duo are working forward in making their product to reach the public at an even cheaper rate without compromising in the quality of their cutlery.

It's not just Lakshmi and their EdiblePro, so many new people are making different edible crockery to contribute to our environment and sustainability goals. While the path for edible cutlery has to travel long to catch up with their plastic rivals, don't get shocked when you come across someone eating their spoon or plate in your favorite cafe in the near future.

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Hayagrivan Balaji

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