Don't let Power Supply ruin your Connectivity - Power Backup for Router

Before we explore the product I appreciate the readers for going through the following situation.

Situation: Consider a situation where you are in an important meeting with all dreams your dreams of career improvement and it's your part to take the meeting from there and there is a power cut and you might feel it doesn’t mean anything to you but the disconnection of your WIFI from power might make you feel the real embracing moment of your career.

It might be an online exam, a dream interview, or trading, where every second is about making or losing money, it is an issue with wifi routers tackling the problem of power failures and it makes the situation cost more.

Once I experienced such a situation and I was in search of a device that can solve the problem faced and what is it & how to find the best is all about this article.

Power Backup for Routers

The UPS has been around for more than 2 decades, basically to protect Computers, televisions, and other electronic devices. The Power backup we are about to see is a small UPS that is capable of providing power backup for about 4 to 6 hours that offers an uninterrupted connection to the world of the internet.

If you wonder why your normal UPS works for routers, a WIFI router draws low current which is about 0.2 amps at 120 V, which the majority of UPS fails to provide and they switch off thinking it’s lack of load.

Before you choose a power backup for the router for your router, make sure to check the supply rating of your router, if you don't find it check the power adapter. It is so important that choosing the wrong power backup might cost you time and money.

Backup time:

A typical power backup for a router can provide a backup for about 3-4 hours. But It depends on size & weight which is coupled directly with the battery capacity.

Compact factor:

It says about the size and weight of the power backup. The compact factor is inversely proportional to the Backup time capacity. For example, If you choose a power backup that is small in size and weight, it means it has a small battery that can power only about 1-2 hours and vice versa.


It works similar to a home UPS, but on a small scale. When you have power current goes to charge the batteries and when there is a power-down current flow to your router discharging the charged batteries.

And speaking reality, there is no rocket science in choosing the right bower back up and if you find one online and you feel the backup time mentioned is enough for you, you can go ahead and buy directly as all of them come with a similar battery and board technology.

There no much competition in the field to choose the top-notch and here are some of the best available Power Backup for your Router. You can straight away reach to amazon and choose the one with best reviews.

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