COVID-19: Shaken !! Not Stirred...

All kinds of economic and military prowess, domination across skies and seas, the ugly narrow-minded competition between countries across several fields, the usual way of self- boasting one’s race and all the other parochial attitudes of the nation-states and state- nations are now in abeyance as the whole world is amidst a war against an invisible enemy, a world war to be precise, but, the only difference is that we are all on the same side.

The pandemic in itself has proved to be both a worst once-in-a-century disaster and blessing in disguise to some. It is a harsh reality and a bitter truth that all it took was a microorganism to kindle the humanity that was dormant in everyone. It was only after this pandemic we came to know that no longer the borders act as one, against this pandemic, and this virus slowly wafts across all the countries only to make us realize again that we are no stronger than it.

The other side of the Pandemic:

The country is now facing an economic precipice, worst migrant crisis since partition, and other incidences that bring out the vulnerability of all sectors in the Indian sub-continent to the limelight. As a result of this unheralded and exigent crisis it is indeed correct to say that all countries irrespective of the development that they have achieved are in the nadir of their growth and India is no exception to it.

Since the pandemic spread across the length and breadth of the nation we have been hearing stories of people taking advantage over and ruthless misuse of this situation by some on one side and on the other we have also been moved at the sight of various incidences that make our eyes watery.

We see people respecting the police, health care professionals, and sanitation workers who would have got niggardly attention otherwise. We can see people spending quality time with their families and we can see them showing some care and extra attention to their maids who would have otherwise been stigmatized. We can see people giving way to senior citizens and persons with disabilities in long, never-ending queues, I think that this pandemic made them realize that there is no harm in treating them as humans too.

This pandemic has provided an opportunity to those who dwell in laptops to get introduced to their neighbors which I am pretty much that it wouldn’t have happened if not for this pandemic. We can see haggle free buying of commodities from the street vendors and the kind approach that they show towards e-cart delivery persons. It has also made us rediscover and revive our century-old practices and cultural ethos. And the most important of all, this pandemic has brought down pollution and human intervention to a great extent. We would have heard wild animals coming to the streets, but it is the other way round. It is we humans who have encroached into their territories and these bustling roads would have been their homeland if we had given them the due respect and had not committed this historical mistake.

This pestilence has brought out all the errors, the acts of commission and omission we have done in our life. It is again true that the world is a grim situation now and yet there is still a ray of hope that cuts its way through the veils of ignorance. The ball is now in the court of humans to turn this ray into a beam of ecstasy so that the world jumps back to its normalcy with all the pomp and razzmatazz. It is true that the world is shaken but not stirred.

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Saravana Prabhu R

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