The Aftermath of COVID-19 - Digital Inequality

The year 2020 has been different from the rest of the year in the twenty-first century. This was the year where the entire humanity was put under lockdown ranging from several days to weeks altogether. It was a tiny micro-organism that shook the roots of the whole world. Covid-19 became the most known word in the world for the infamous reason. It's because there were no vaccines or medicines readily available to treat, cure or prevent the spread of the virus. The government of most countries announced nation-wide lockdown, people were forced to isolate themselves from each other. The functioning of the whole world came to a grinding halt.

The significant improvement in creating a vaccine made the world to re-start its function again but in a different manner. The pandemic made everyone understand the essence of digital impact in our day-to-day activities. Many companies turned to the work-from-home concept, classes are conducted online, many meetings are held over online platforms etc. But the pandemic has also increased the agony of a particular factor, that is the digital divide. Many people still don't have access to digital platforms and this digital divide has been aggravated due to the pandemic.

This also led to inequality in all aspects, including the overall development of the individual. For instance, consider the child living at child-care institutions. With the addition of the digital divide, the entire development is at stake. The child is going to miss so many due to the lack of resource which is provided by the digital platform. As the entire world has started working towards digitalisation, people should also come up with plans to address Digital Inequality. Or else this might lead to a profound inequality gap for the upcoming generations to come.

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Hayagrivan Balaji

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