Common Online scams and How to tackle them ?

We are currently living in the fast-paced digital era, as more and more facilities become online more is the chance of you being tricked by the very own online activities. So don't worry we are here to guide you to stay clear of some of the most common online scams.


One of the most common types of scam that many fall prey to is Phishing. This Phishing is pretty simple to understand and even simple to fall for. In this scam, the bad guy will send you an email or text message which might direct you to a fake website that collects your personal or financial information. People generally visit the site and log in with their account on the neat looking site. If done so congrats you are to be pissed off. The criminals will use the account to steal valuable data like bank details if present and will misuse them. So if you come across any suspicious email or message delete them and get away ASAP.

Greeting cards scams:

These scams are kind of like festive season hot sellers. In this type of scam, the fraudsters usually send greeting cards in the form of images to be downloaded or links that redirect to show you the greeting card. If you click those links be ready to be doomed. Those links will contain malicious scripts that get downloaded to your device as soon as you click. The best thing to do to stay clear of this type of scam is not to open mail or links sent from unknown sources. So be cautious to detect them and stay clear else you will be sharing all your data with your scammer buddy.

Job offer Scams:

You might be a fresher or a guy actively looking for a job in your neighborhood. You might receive a mail from Google saying that they, at last, found the guy they are looking for the job and that is you. Hold on a sec and think, “Is it true or are they pulling a prank on me”. Then when you look closely at the mail Ahoy ! you have discovered the next type of scam. These fake job scams are usually targeted to many people.

Don’t worry we are here to provide you tips to escape these kinds of scams. Take a close look at the logo and the format of the mail this is where many scams reveal themselves. Also if they are asking some kind of registration or deposit fees then 99% of the time it will be a scam. Every organization is looking for capable persons and not for ones who can pay to grab the job. Finally, take a look at the organization page to make sure there are any vacancies and apply to them directly from there.

Tech Repair Scams:

In this type of scam, the fraudster will try and reach you and will inform you that your PC or device has encountered a problem. They introduce themselves as saviors but in reality, they are con artists. They will ask confidential information from you so that they can pretend to help you or might ask you to install remote access software to install malware. No organization will reach you for sensitive information. So when you come across such a scam have fun and kick out the impostor !

Infected device Scam:

This is pretty much similar to repair scam only difference is that this scam shows that your device is infected by viruses or malware. If you unknowingly click on it then you might be redirected to a fake antivirus app that promises to clean malware. Actually, that antivirus is the app that will install malware into your device. They might also trick you and you may end up giving your banking details. To stay clear of such scams have legit antivirus software and shut the tab off once you see such messages.

Bogus Shopping sites:

With E-commerce gaining more and more traction the scammers have infiltrated in this field too. Sometimes you might come across a site which offers a product at a rate that will seem too true to believe. Also if that site is something you have never heard of then it is most probably a fake site run by scammers. They are the ones who will receive your payment for a phone and will send you a damn brick. So don't go shopping on sites you are not familiar with.

Online dating scams:

This type of scam began once social media emergence happened. With many dating apps around the corner, many people came in contact with and so were the scammers. These scammers create fake profiles and try to exploit what they need and you will end up as a victim. At some point in time, they might cook up a story and might ask you to help them with your financial details. So the tip is to be aware, find out whether your true love is really true, and then move ahead.

Above are only a few common techniques used by scammers. The only way to stay safe is to be vigilant and be careful of the information you give away. If not, Congrats very soon you will be featuring in our blog on how you were tricked and lost money !. #Stay Vigilant #Stay Safe

Article by Kathir Gowtham R.S

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