Buying Bluetooth Headphones for the first time?

I got attracted to Bluetooth headphones when I saw a couple jogging with headphones that had no trailing wire. From first sight until I understood the technology behind it, it was a great wonder of magic to me.

I am asking the question again, are you planning to buy your first Bluetooth headphone? I appreciate you knowing the 8 points that are being followed up to keep yourself away from a bad purchase.

To start with, Bluetooth is wireless short-range technology that allows sending and receiving data seamlessly usually within a distance of ten meters. A headphone with a battery pack and Bluetooth technology packed within a single product is none other than a Bluetooth headphone. And it has suddenly forced the entire headphones industry to cut their wire and turn wireless.

If you are annoyed by the tech talk, please kindly get down to the quick tips.

1. Usage

If you use headphones in a loud workplace for meetings and calls, you will probably need a product that has noise canceling and wind reducing features such as Sony WH-CH710N. You might also need a headphone with an extended mic attached in the front. If you like to walk or jog around while hearing or speaking in headphones you might need something small and has better gripping capabilities that stick to your ears such as boAT Rockerz 255.

If you are a music lover, find a product that has better sound quality and buttons to switch between volume and songs.

2.Battery Life

A Bluetooth headphone requires a battery that is to be charged. So always make a check on the battery life of headphones before you buy one. Large headphones have a larger battery & and life, while smaller headphones are convenient & portable and it all depends on your preference. A market-competitive headphone is capable of offering 4-5 hours of battery life with a standby time range from one to over two weeks ( standby period is the time for which a battery can hold its capacity even when not used).

3. Stereo, Mono and HD Sound

Mono headset is a single piece that provides sound to one ear, with reasonable sound quality for calls and basic functions. While a music listener must have a stereo headset as a basic requirement to experience the music. A headphone with HD Sound operating at 16KHz while a stereo headphone operates at 8 kHz, which is the reason for its better sound quality and impressive experience.

4. Multipoint pairing

The ability of the headphones to connect themselves to more than one Bluetooth-compatible device, such as a mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. is called multipoint pairing. Nowadays most headphones offer this capability.

5. Voice Command functionality

Having a voice command is a really attractive and fast-growing functionality. A voice command functionality can allow you to accept, reject or make new calls, check pairing, battery status, and more features growing day by day. Check to have voice command features not to miss out on the growing technology.

6. Comfort

The Costliest mistake you can ever make while you buy Bluetooth headphones is not considering the level of comfort. Some have head straps, while others would clip around the ear. Some have earbuds that fit in the ear canal. Some have interchangeable speaker cushions.

Here comfort is a subjective topic and varies from one person to another. You need to identify what suits you the best before you buy one.

7. Mic

If you are looking for headphones especially for calling, you should check enough reviews of the product to make sure sound and recording quality is better, and also I would appreciate experiencing the quality by testing the one you want to buy.

8. Range

If you move around a lot without your phone you might consider buying headphones with a longer range. Usually, Bluetooth headphones come with a class 2 Bluetooth chip which has a range of up to 33 feet (10 meters). However, you might need a class 1 capable of extending this up to 300 feet, roughly greater than 90 meters.

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