Basics you must know before building a PC or buying a Laptop !

Nowadays people rely on computers to do their work, personal chores and as well as for entertainment. It has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Sorry, I digressed. Without any further ado let's get straight into the topic. What is the Best PC/Laptop Specification for your usage?. Let’s find out.

First, let us categorize people into 4 groups depending on the magnitude of usage :

  1. Shallow users - People who use their computer just for Office work like typing, sending emails, and then for entertainment like watching movies, surfing the web, e-Shopping, and other related and similar purposes which does not require much computation power.

  1. Mediocres - In addition to the above activities these users indulge in occasional FPS and Arcade gaming(Not Demanding AAA titles) and some light productivity workloads like photo & Video editing, Digital drawing, and other similar tasks which comparatively require more computation power than the Former.

  1. Explorers - These are the People who want to take their PC/Laptop Out for a Spin by Trying Out all Kind of Games, Advanced Video Editing, Photo Manipulation,3D Design ,and Simulation, and its niche which Require Extensive Hardware Power.

  1. Professionals - As the Name Suggests these are the People from Various Industries who use Some of the Industry Leading Top-notch machines for doing Commercial works like Weather Forecasting, Big Data analysis, Film Production, Running Complex Real-time Mathematical Computations for Stock Market and So on.

Now before jumping into the Specifications let me make it clear that this article is for those people who have Sufficient knowledge about computers and are trying to build one for themselves. I will not be mentioning a particular product list for a component from which you can choose one, but the specification alone. You can look out for those components matching your specification from Various e-commerce websites or buy it from a local dealer/store.

The Most Basic Components required for building a Computer/choosing a laptop are as follows :

  1. CPU (Central Processing Unit)

  2. Memory - RAM (Random Access Memory)

  3. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

  4. MOBO (Motherboard) (PC Only)

  5. Storage

  6. PSU (Power Supply Unit) (PC Only)

  7. A Cabinet (PC Only) to house all those above-mentioned components aesthetically

The Working, Structure, Purpose, or difference between the above-mentioned components is not Explained here. I hope whoever reading this has Sufficient Knowledge of the above-mentioned aspects.

Enough of blah blah blah, Now let's jump straight into it.

All the above-mentioned Specifications are highly Future Proof. I don't believe in Compromising Performance and Quality for Budget. The Specifications Provided for Professionals are Just Entry Level. The specs vary depending on the nature and magnitude of Workload and Computation required. Also while choosing the processor always go for the latest generation only as it will have better performance. We’ll cover that in detail in the upcoming articles. SSDs are superior to HDDs in every possible way. The only downside is the Cost (Cost per Gigabyte). Although due to increasing demand and manufacturing efficiency, SSDs are getting cheaper nowadays. The demise of HDDs is on the brink. I am pretty sure it will become obsolete within the next 5 years or Sooner (who knows...the pace of development is such). So If you can afford a full-on SSD Build, I highly recommend going for it. The GPU Specification is given in terms of Video Memory (VRAM) only. Although the GPU performance cannot be determined in terms of VRAM alone, GPUs with more Compute units and Cores which represent the high-end lineups, usually require higher amounts of video memory for performing the demanding computations, whilst not having them will stand a bottleneck and Render useless for the End User. You might wonder why I haven’t talked anything about the Cabinet and the MOBO. Don’t worry. There are many Parameters to consider for choosing a Correct MOBO Cabinet pair. I say pair because the specifications of both are interdependent. Making a change to the MOBO may require you to go for a new cabinet entirely. This is a big topic in itself. We will discuss that and others in-depth in the Upcoming articles of the PC Build Series. Till then stay home, stay safe, and finally stay creative. Article by -Santhosh Ram R

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