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One evening, 9th Grade, after cricket, we came up with this crazy idea of going for a run early in the morning, early na how early?

5 am okay?

Damn I need an alarm, tell Amma to wake me up like 50 times before I go to sleep. Whoever wakes up first please call the others. Let’s do this bois!! And with this amazing plan in place I went to sleep by 10pm. I heard a faint sound, something different but demanding, soft but loud. I managed to find my Amma’s phone and quit the alarm. Could barely open my eyes, but somehow managed to call three of the boys and we were good to go for that run. Hoping that no dog chases us through the course, we completed our first run ever.

I set a recurring alarm for 5 am and this is where it all started, well kinda, cause none of us woke up the third day. The number of guys went down every month, but the 5 am was constant. It came down to the two of us, by that time there was no need for an alarm. It was just a backup.

I even used that trick to study for all those exams. Well, that was a flop because I slept with the book on my face most of the time.

By 11th grade, there were no alarms in my phone, need not pester Amma to wake me up, it was right there. My body clock was set to 5am and something just whispered “It’s Time!” every single morning. With more time put to my clock, no matter how late I slept the range did not extend beyond 5:30 am. If I wanted to sleep beyond, first I would wake up by 5 and then force myself back to sleep. I know! Sounds stupid, but yeah that happened.

To everyone who asked me how the hell do you do it? I think it is the practice. But I don’t know if that’s it. I never had to rush to get ready for school, for college - although my car pool buddies made sure we never reached in time. I always had time to do some revision. Hitting the gym early in the morning became my therapy and nothing ever comes in between your early morning plans cause nothing ever happens in that ungodly hour!

Waking up before the sun makes you feel like you are in control. You feel like you have all the time in the world to do the things you wanna do. Your day starts as when you want to and goes everywhere you take it. You are never in a hurry. There is always silence around you. You get to know Mr. Sunrise too, it's refreshing. It’s cold, it's calm. Help all your friends wake up for their exams, early morning trips are a cakewalk.

For those who are in love with your sleep, this might seem pointless and impossible. But try this for a week and you will know what it takes to be on the other side. If you are not up for it after a week you can go back to your routine. But trust me it’s a great feeling.

-Article by

Arun Sundar

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