7 Ways sleep can improve your life

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In this modernly evolved world, people have lost sleep to social media and work. But sleep is a really important part of human metabolism and on the right dose, It can make our life far better than we are experiencing now. Asking someone to sleep at the right time may not work, but listing down the benefits backed up by researches can make some people realize the need for change.

So, here we have listed 7 ways Sleep can improve your life.

1. Overall Health Benefits

Why is sleep needed?

Sleep is a method by nature to prepare our body. A night of proper sleep will keep us healthy and strong and keeps us both physically and mentally resilient. Lots of studies over the years have shown how sleep deprivation affects us in the long term, to name a few it might lead to diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, etc.

How much do we need?

Practice a sleep cycle that is 7 to 8 hours long. It would take 5 sleep cycles to adapt to the news cycle. But trying it will pay for sure.

As per a recent study in the US, consecutively having 6 hours of sleep has the same effect as no sleep at all. (https://www.fastcompany.com/90435429/this-50-device-is-trying-to-finally-kill-off-the-walkie-talkie)

2. Reliefs pain

People who suffer from either chronic or temporary pain, know that it's not easy to deal with. Sleeping plays an important role in the process of healing, missing a sleep cycle can lower our pain threshold. If sleep is made difficult by pain, consulting a doctor for some sleeping aids or pain relief is recommended.

3. Reduce weight

If you're having a healthy sleep pattern, weight loss isn't a big deal at all. Our body burns calories when we are sleeping, and that is how sleep and weight loss are connected.

When you have a deprived sleep body starts to crave fat and sugar-filled foods to give the extra energy needed. If you have enough sleep, you should make healthy food choices.

Getting enough sleep will also help you to make more out of your exercise or workouts, thus adding to weight loss and improved fitness.

4. Avoids accidents

Accidents on the road, workplace, or even around the house, according to researchers, people who lack sleep are more vulnerable to accidents. Running low on sleep reduces our reaction time and we have less attention to detail. 3017 people are killed per year due to lack of sleep and 394 of them died in an industrial accident or falling asleep while driving. (Deloitte Access Economics, Asleep on the Job: Costs of Inadequate Sleep in Australia, 2017)

5. Happy mindset

Optimum sleep improves our mood and mental health in positive ways. Lack of sleep makes us emotionally vulnerable and can generate the worst possible mood. Drop-in anger threshold, increase in anxiety and less socialized behavior are signs of lack of sleep. Getting enough sleep maximizes our energy and shows our best selves to our friends and family.

6. Sharpens mind

It is a known fact that the mind becomes sharper and memory is turned on to its full capacity once we are done with the sleep. Sleep can repair and clear our minds. During REM (Rapid Eye movement) sleep our brain takes and consolidates information from the previous day, thereby helping us to make experience-based decisions on the next day.

Sharpening it improves concentration and productivity.

Prioritize the quality and quantity of sleep instead of trying a caffeine drink to keep yourself active.

7. Improvement in immune function

A protein called cytokine is released during our sleep, which regulates immunity & inflammation. A small loss of sleep can even affect the functionality of our immune system. A 2- week study with a cold virus revealed that people who slept less than 7 hours were almost 3 times more vulnerable to develop cold than those who slept 8 hours or more. A sleep of 8 hours or more is recommended if you are more prone to cold.

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